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As one of the oldest local combined training associations in the United States, and host to possibly its oldest continuously running horse trial, we want to remember our past for ourselves as well as share it with others.

Since our sport is so very dependent on voluntary effort we also offer this section as a tribute to the literally thousands of volunteers—those who are named here but equally those who are not—who have made eventing possible over the last four decades in Maryland, the mid-Atlantic, and the nation. 

Please consider these pages not only a tribute to those who have gone before, but also a reminder to present and future eventers of their own obligation to support their sport as volunteers as well as competitors.

We are always looking for additional information and photos to fill out these pages. If you have things you would like to add, please send them to Ruth Frey at rfrey@bcps.org.  We'd love to hear from you!

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Ridgely at Jackson Hole_06_1981

A Short History of the Maryland Combined Training Association

An Even Shorter History

Founding Members
Annual Meeting and Banquet Venues and OrganizersJoan Leigh Thomas Barthel Scholarship Grant Winners
Volunteer Award Recipients; Edward K. Johnson Special Focus Award
Lifetime Achievement Awardees
Spring Dressage Show Venues and Organizers; Other Spring CompetitionsRidgely at SQ CT_Oxer_08_1981MCTA Horse Trials, Inc. Venues and Organizers
Summer Competitions, Venues, and Organizers
"Jenny Camp" Horse Trials Venues and Organizers

The Dakota Red Trophy (Jr/YR, below BN)
The Tuckahoe Farm Trophy (Sr, below BN)
The Red Buzzard Trophy (Jr/YR, BN)
The *Denegri Memorial Trophy (Sr, BN)
 The Highland Farms Trophy (Jr/YR, N)
The Rip Van Winkle Memorial Trophy (Sr, N)
The Red Shutters Farm Trophy (Jr/YR, T)
The Sunrock Ridge Memorial Trophy (Sr, T)
The Equiery Bowl (retired)
The Colonel Ottmar Schaurek Memorial Trophy (Jr/YR, recognized T and above) 
Ridgely at SQ--dressage_1988The Charles A. Laubach Memorial Trophy (Sr, recognized T and above)
The Triumph Awards (3 or more HT completions)

The Avra Memorial Below Beginner Novice Horse of the Year Trophy
The FMF Skippy-Lou Memorial Beginner Novice Horse of the Year Trophy
The Marion Shriver Abell Memorial Novice Horse of the Year Trophy
The MCTA Junior/Young Rider Horse of the Year Trophy (Jr/YR, recognized T and above)
The Castlebar Memorial Horse of the Year Trophy (Sr, recognized T and above)
 The Federal Hill Memorial Trophy (owner/rider family, 1st year HT)
The Just Jeeves Memorial Trophy (MCTA breeder/owner/rider family)
The Fortuna Memorial Mare of the Year Trophy (recognized N and above)
The Draft Horse Trophy (retired)
The North American Sport Pony Trophy (retired)

The Redmond Trophy (Jr/YR,BN)
The Octavius Memorial Trophy (Sr. BN)
The Captain Andrew B. DeSzinay Memorial Trophy (Jr/YR, N)
The Jackson Hole Farm Trophy (Sr, N) 
The Pancho Villa Memorial Trophy (retired)
The Special Edition Trophy (Jr/Yr, T)
The Robin Stemler Memorial Trophy (retired)
The Distant Fire Memorial Trophy (Sr, T)JJB Clinic at McKay_Easter_1983
The Cider Is Sweet Memorial Trophy
 (Jr/YR, P)
The Eastwell Memorial Trophy (retired)
The Seneca Trophy (Sr, P)
The Treasurered Motor Car Services Trophy (non-members too, I)
The Social Cat ("Scat") Memorial Trophy (non-members too, A)
The Joan Leigh Thomas Barthel Memorial Trophy (best dressage score)

The Blackberry Bowl (Intro.)
The Light "N" Lively Memorial Trophy (retired)
The Valerie Hunt Memorial Trophy (Jr/YR, BN)
The Queenie Memorial Trophy (retired)
The Sunstone Creek Memorial Trophy (Jr/YR, N)
The Sunwood Spring Trophy (Sr, N)
The Buttermilk Sky Perpetual Trophy (Sr, BN)
The Scavenger's Choice Trophy (SE 8)

Gladstone Team_1988

The Sunpebble Point Memorial Trophy (below BN)
The Granddad Memorial Trophy (BN)
The Welcome Doctor Memorial Trophy (Jr/YR, N)
The Silver View Farms Trophy (Sr, N)
The Wake Up Susan Memorial Trophy (Pony Club member, BN or below)
The Mickey Skipper Trophy (Pony Club member, N or above)
The Aazrak Memorial Trophy (T)

MCTA Horse Trials, Inc.
Summer Combined Tests / Starter Horse Trials
"Jenny Camp" Horse Trials
Gladstone Team Horse Trials
Annual Meeting and Banquet 
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