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Congratulations everyone!  Just a reminder, since many of you are new to MCTA:  all riders are eligible for awards in one rider division and all horses are eligible for awards in one horse division (excluding the special trophies for Mare of the Year and Homebred Horse).  Ties have been broken where possible by highest level, then by highest placing.

MCTA Year End Awards 2017 - Rider - Final 

MCTA Year End Awards 2017 - Horse Final 

Please check them for any errors or spelling mistakes and let Jo Anne know ASAP  All results will be final on 12/5 at 8 AM.

***Note that, with the exception of the Homebred and Mare of the Year awards, each horse and each rider is only eligible to place in ONE division, even if you had points in several divisions, so we've tried to put each of you in the division you'll place highest in. If a rider or horse has won a division twice, they are no longer eligible for that division.

Also, we would love to share pictures of our awards participants, so if you have a photo you'd like shared, please email it to Eliza at Please include the photographer's name and only send pictures you have permission to use.

mcta awardsDEADLINE - December 1, 2017

Submit your application for YEAR END AWARDS and GRANTS!

MCTA members who have completed eight volunteer hours in 2017 are eligible for our Year-End Awards! We award 1st through 8th place ribbons and prizes for horses and riders in the following categories: Below Beginner Novice, Beginner Novice, Novice, Training, and Training and above. We also have awards for riders who successfully complete three events, for horses in their first year of competition, Homebred Horse of the Year, and Mare of the Year. Please check the MCTA POINT SYSTEM  and MCTA HANDBOOK  for more information, as some categories may have additional qualifications. 

In addition, MCTA members who have completed eight volunteer hours may apply for a GRANT  to be used for lessons, clinics, and other educational opportunities. Please contact Sue Page at for more information.


MCTA members submitting points for 2017 Year End Awards must include a completed VOLUNTEER FORM  and YEAR END AWARDS REGISTRATION FORM. All forms must be received (not postmarked) NO LATER THAN December 1, 2017 in order to count. Questions/ forms can be submitted by mail to: Jo Anne Offidani, 170 West Ridge Rd., Nottingham, PA 19362, or by e-mail  If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail before November 30, please e-mail to confirm that your forms have been received! Provisional results will be posted on the website on or before December 2, 2017, and all results will be final as of December 5, 2017.


MCTA High Score Trophies

2016 Year End Results

 2015 Year End Results

2014 Year End Results

2012 Year End Rider Results / 2012 Year End Horse Results

2011 Year End Rider Results / 2011 Year End Horse Results


MCTA offers 22 Trophies (plus “keeper” prizes and ribbons to 8thplace!) based on placings in horse trials throughout the calendar year. 

To be eligible for the rider awards riders must be MCTA members at the time of the competition (Join Now); for horse awards both riders and owners must be members.  Points are NOT retroactive, so be sure your membership is up to date before you leave the start box!!!

You have to be a Member to win: MCTA Membership Application

The Dakota Red Trophy (Jr/YR, below BN)
The Tuckahoe Farm Trophy (Sr, below BN)
The Red Buzzard Trophy (Jr/YR, BN)
The *Denegri Memorial Trophy (Sr, BN)
 The Highland Farms Trophy (Jr/YR, N)
The Rip Van Winkle Memorial Trophy (Sr, N)
The Red Shutters Farm Trophy (Jr/YR, T)
The Sunrock Ridge Memorial Trophy (Sr, T)
The Equiery Bowl (retired)
The Colonel Ottmar Schaurek Memorial Trophy (Jr/YR, recognized T and above) 
The Charles A. Laubach Memorial Trophy (Sr, recognized T and above)

The Avra Memorial Below Beginner Novice Horse of the Year Trophy
The FMF Skippy-Lou Memorial Beginner Novice Horse of the Year Trophy
The Marion Shriver Abell Memorial Novice Horse of the Year Trophy
The MCTA Junior/Young Rider Horse of the Year Trophy (Jr/YR, recognized T and above)
The Castlebar Memorial Horse of the Year Trophy (Sr, recognized T and above)
 The Federal Hill Memorial Trophy (owner/rider family, 1st year HT)
The Just Jeeves Memorial Trophy (MCTA breeder/owner/rider family)
The Fortuna Memorial Mare of the Year Trophy (recognized N and above)
The Triumph Awards (3 or more HT completions)
The Draft Horse Trophy (retired)
The North American Sport Pony Trophy (retired)

350                        361

 Marion Shriver Abell Memorial                           Colonel Schaurek Memorial

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