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Congratulations everyone!  Just a reminder, since many of you are new to MCTA:  all riders are eligible for awards in one rider division and all horses are eligible for awards in one horse division (excluding the special trophies for Mare of the Year and Homebred Horse).  Ties have been broken where possible by highest level, then by highest placing.

MCTA Year End Awards 2017 - Rider - Final 

MCTA Year End Awards 2017 - Horse Final 

Please check them for any errors or spelling mistakes and let Jo Anne know ASAP  All results will be final on 12/5 at 8 AM.

***Note that, with the exception of the Homebred and Mare of the Year awards, each horse and each rider is only eligible to place in ONE division, even if you had points in several divisions, so we've tried to put each of you in the division you'll place highest in. If a rider or horse has won a division twice, they are no longer eligible for that division.

Also, we would love to share pictures of our awards participants, so if you have a photo you'd like shared, please email it to Eliza at Please include the photographer's name and only send pictures you have permission to use.

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