The Maryland Combined Training Association sponsors and organizes a nationally recognized horse trial in May at Shawan Downs near Hunt Valley, Maryland with Beginner Novice through Advanced levels. This competition, one of the oldest USEA events in the country, will celebrate its 43nd anniversary in 2015.  The club also manages two un-recognized horse trials each year. One is simply known as the Starter Event, which is held in early summer and the other is the "Jenny Camp."  After 43 years of running in the fall, Jenny Camp moved to a late spring date in 2015 to take advantage of efficiencies created by the fact that it, like the recognized event a few weeks before, is also held at Shawan Downs, one of the nation’s premier eventing venues. [P.S.  Counting the initial events in ‘72, this year’s are the 44th runnings of SD and JC.]

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