Top 10 reasons to join

  1. You can impress co-workers, spouses, siblings, disappointed parents, ex-boyfriends, new boyfriends, total strangers at the supermarket, with tales of your adventures galloping cross country. XC GALLOPING AND JUMPING
  2. You can further impress the aforementioned with photos of your showjumping round where the only thing that counts is that you get to the other side of the fence. SHOWJUMPING
  3. Take the day off from work with the excuse that you will be training your horse for the day with a gold medal olympian (trust me....your boss will never have a comeback for that reason) CLINICS WITH TOP RIDERS AND CLINICIANS
  4. If for some reason that does not impress the boss, husband, disappointed parents, help them relate by explaining YOUR clinic is the eqivilent of having Tiger Woods coach THEIR putt putt game. REALLY, REALLY TOP INTERNATIONAL INSTRUCTORS
  5. The chance to get all dressed up and let your horse dazzle the judge with his interpretation of a 20 meter circle. DRESSAGE
  6. A great website with listings of all the news, shows, clinics, site links and blogs to keep you up to date. TONS OF INFORMATION
  7. Because its a.... TRIATHALON..... and how cool is that!
  8. A party at the end of the year with really great horsey awards. PRIZES!
  9. Every level from teenie weenie to OMG, that's really big! SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE
  10. $40 per year individual - $45 family A BARGAIN

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