The MCTA is for:

New and experienced riders of all ages, non-riders, horse lovers and people who want to learn about the sport of Eventing will find plenty of opportunities to ride, to learn, to locate facilities and instructors, attend clinics, assist at events, win awards, earn cash grants toward improving your riding skills, meet people who share your love of the sport, make friends and have fun with horses!

Your new or renewed MCTA membership provides: a membership roster, an unrecognized calendar with websites and telephone numbers of contacts, member discounts for [some] saddlery suppliers, clinics with world class riders and coaches, discounted clinics (with volunteer credits), FREE online classifieds, up-to-the-minute email alerts, year-end awards for every level, including volunteer awards, and much more.

Join MCTA, or sign up a friend. Have questions?  Contact Natalie Huso at


You can pay for your MCTA membership via Paypal (which includes an option for credit cards) or use the Offline payment option.

If you use the Offline payment option - after you enter your infomation via the online form you will receive an email which will contain your membership information and instructions to print the email and send it to the MCTA Membership Chair at the following address.

Please make the check out to MCTA, write “membership” on it, and send to:

Natalie Huso
13120 Prices Distillery Rd 
Clarksburg MD 20871

For membership questions contact Membership Chair Natalie Huso at




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