MCTA Starter Horse Trials

2020 MCTA Starter Horse Trials

Sunday October 4, 2020 


Tranquility Manor Farm, Monkton MD


2019 MCTA Starter Horse Trials

2019 Results

The Blackberry Bowl (Introductory)–Cheryl Wist / Avenues
The Scavenger’s Choice Trophy (Elementary)–Brandy Biggs / Tuff Break
The Valerie Hunt Memorial Trophy (Jr/YR, BN)–Gretchen Eisenberg / Dr. Suess
The Buttermilk Sky Memorial Trophy (Sr, BN)–Anne Walker / Mr. Paco
The Sunstone Creek Memorial Trophy (Jr/YR, N)–Leah Heiner / Spirit of Heaven
The Sunwood Spring Trophy (Sr, N)–Amy Boccia / Firefly

Perpetual trophies are awarded at the Starter Event for the highest placed MCTA member at each level.  To be eligible for these lovely trophies riders must be MCTA members before the competition begins, so be sure your membership is up to date at least by the time you pick up your entry packet!!!

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The Scavenger’s Choice Trophy (Elementary)
The Blackberry Bowl (Introductory)
The Valerie Hunt Memorial Trophy (Jr/YR, BN)
The Buttermilk Sky Memorial Trophy (Sr, BN)
The Sunstone Creek Memorial Trophy (Jr/YR, N)
The Sunwood Spring Trophy (Sr, N)

Sunstone Creek              Blackberry Bowl

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