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2021 MCTA Grant Applications - 
Submit by Dec. 1, 2021

MCTA members who have completed a minimum of eight volunteer hours, all for activities directly organized by MCTA, may submit an application for an MCTA Volunteer Grant to be used for lessons, clinics, and other educational opportunities.

There are three possible grants:

  • A senior grant of up to $500 for an applicant over 21 years of age.
  • A junior/young rider grant of up to $500 for an applicant 21 or younger.
  • A floating grant of an amount to be determined by the Grant Committee may be awarded in either category if it determines that there is an additional exceptionally deserving candidate.

Grants are awarded based on years of membership in MCTA, and being an ACTIVE volunteer during those years.

Each grant is $500.00 and is awarded in full, or in part if several equal volunteers apply. 

Email your application or questions to Sue Page  (suerpage@gmail.com).