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MCTA Year End Awards Program

Have you placed at a horse trials this competition year?  If so, you might qualify for one of the many awards that MCTA offers.  Review the “Submission Guidelines” below for qualification details.

Just a reminder, all riders are eligible for awards in one rider division and all horses are eligible for awards in one horse division, even if they had points in several divisions (excluding the special trophies for Mare of the Year and Homebred Horse).  We first try the division they would place highest in.  If a rider or horse has won a division twice, they are no longer eligible for that division.  Ties for high score awards are broken where possible by highest level, then by highest placing.

DEADLINE: December 1


  • You must be a current MCTA member
  • You must have completed a minimum of eight volunteer hours in the award year, at least four of which must be at MCTA’s own activities while the rest may be from 3-phase horse trials organized by individual MCTA members.  
  • You must complete and submit the Volunteer Hours Verification Form
  • You must complete and submit the Year End Awards Registration Form 

Please contact JoAnne at jrjones006@gmail.com for more information.


MCTA members submitting points for Year End Awards must include a completed MCTA Volunteer Hours Verification Form and a MCTA Year End Awards Registration Form. All forms must be received by EMAIL (not mailed) NO LATER THAN December 1st in order to count. Questions/ forms may be submitted by email to JoAnne Offidani (jrjones006@gmail.com).  If you do not receive a confirmation email before November 30, please email to confirm that your forms have been received! 

We award 1st through 8th place ribbons and prizes for horses and riders in the following categories:

  • Below Beginner Novice
  • Beginner Novice
  • Novice
  • Training
  • Training and above

We also have awards for riders and/or horses for the following categories:

  • Successfully complete three events
  • Horses in their first year of competition
  • Homebred Horse of the Year
  • Mare of the Year

Please check the MCTA Points System and MCTA Handbook  for more information, as some categories may have additional qualifications.

Congrats 2022 MCTA Year End Awardees!

• Jazz Napravnik – Sr.  Recog. T & above
• Addison Kasley – Jr./ YR Recog. T & above
• Grace Senecal-Albrecht – Jr./ YR T
• Merrilyn Ratliff – Sr. N
• Kate Benjamin – Jr./YR N
• Angela Bailey – Sr. BN
• Ella Jensen – Jr./YR BN
• Sara Clendaniel – Sr. below BN
• Lilian Flemming – Jr. below BN

Additional Rider Awardees
Sophia Corigliano
Megan Fiss
Josie Fiss
Lindsay Norris
Jasmine Lorenz
Gabrielle McDaniel
Ellen Kelly
Melissa D’Antona
George Scott Waters
Rachel McCumbers
Patricia Helsel
Jay Filippone
Leah Fondelheit
Jean Seiler
Evangeline Rhodes
Andronicki DiBasi
Leah Heiner
Shari Young
Wendy Tobias
Eliza Herman
Cynthia Faherty
Sarah Kane
Megan Cook
Lily Kuhr
Emerson Kasley
Gabrielle Brown
Veronique Mallet
Brooke Powers

See detailed High Score Rider Placings

• Lilah (Melissa D’Antona) – 1st Year HT (Owner/Rider)
• Legend’s Hope (Jazz Napravnik) – Sr. T & above
• Very Tasteful (Addison Kasley) – Jr./ YR T & above
• Duck Duck Goose (Kate Benjamin) – Nov.
• Pineapple Prince (Ella Jensen) – BN
• Sam I Am (Lilian Flemming) – Below BN
• Rolex (Sarah Kane) – Homebred Horse of the Year 

Additional Horse Awardees
Double Dutch (Sophia Corigliano)
Master of Disaster (Sara Clendaniel)
Crazy Game of Poker (Josie Fiss & Melissa D’ Antona)
Little Chief (Ellen Kelly & Megan Fiss)
Trixie (George Scott Waters)
Bella Donna (Rachel McCumbers)
Eight Ball Corner Pocket (Megan Fiss)
Diamond Rio (Evangeline Rhodes)
Sir W Dudley (Angela Bailey)
Pure Cotton (Shari Young)
Dictate the Terms (Andronicki DiBasi)
Old Fashioned Love Song (Wendy Tobias)
Dakota (Eliza Herman)
Sapphire Surprize (Cynthia Faherty)
Koda Bear (Merrilyn Ratliff)
Southern Bay (Veronique Mallet)
Independent Son (Brooke Powers)
Zenzero (Lily Kuhr)
Global Venture (Emerson Kasley)
Bella Vita (Sara Clendaniel)
Bonnie After Dark (Gabrielle Brown)
Mirage (Leah Fondelheit)

See detailed High Score Horse Placings