2019 MCTA Year End Awards - Final Results

Congratulations everyone!  Just a reminder, all riders are eligible for awards in one rider division and all horses are eligible for awards in one horse division (excluding the special trophies for Mare of the Year and Homebred Horse).  Ties have been broken where possible by highest level, then by highest placing.

MCTA Year End Awards 2019
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For questions, contact JoAnne at

***Note that, with the exception of the Homebred and Mare of the Year awards, each horse and each rider is only eligible to place in ONE division, even if you had points in several divisions, so we’ve tried to put each of you in the division you’ll place highest in. If a rider or horse has won a division twice, they are no longer eligible for that division.

Also, we would love to share pictures of our awards participants, so if you have a photo you’d like shared, please email it to Merrilyn at Please include the photographer’s name and only send pictures you have permission to use.

DEADLINE: December 1, 2020


  • You must be a current MCTA member
  • You must have completed a minimum of eight volunteer hours in the award year, at least four of which must be at MCTA’s own activities while the rest may be from 3-phase horse trials organized by individual MCTA members
  • You must complete and submit the Volunteer Hours Verification Form
  • You must complete and submit the Year End Awards Registration Form 

Please contact Sue Page at for more information.


MCTA members submitting points for Year End Awards must include a completed MCTA Volunteer Hours Verification Form and a MCTA Year End Awards Registration Form. All forms must be received (not postmarked) NO LATER THAN December 1st  in order to count. Questions/ forms can be submitted by mail to: Jo Anne Offidani, 170 West Ridge Rd., Nottingham, PA 19362, or by e-mail to  If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail before November 30, please e-mail to confirm that your forms have been received! 

We award 1st through 8th place ribbons and prizes for horses and riders in the following categories:

  • Below Beginner Novice
  • Beginner Novice
  • Novice
  • Training
  • Training and above

​We also have awards for riders and/or horses for the following categories:

  • Successfully complete three events
  • Horses in their first year of competition
  • Homebred Horse of the Year
  • Mare of the Year

​Please check the MCTA Points System  and MCTA Handbook  for more information, as some categories may have additional qualifications.

2018 MCTA Year End Award Winners

• Anna Fitzhugh
• Anne Walker
• Amy Boccia
• April Melato
• Brynne McKinney
• Caren Meckelnburg
• Delaney O’Neil
• Elle McKinney
• Ellen Kelly
• George Scott Waters
• Heidi Robertson
• Joanna Dash
• Leah Heiner
• Lindsey Norris
• Monica Fiss
• Morgan Kornke
• Rachel North
• Ryan Keefe
• Sydney Moss
• Tiffany Wandy

• An American Girl
• Andromeda
• An Irish Blessing
• Calypso’s Destiny
• Firefly
• Flintstar
• Little Chief
• Loughnatousa Caprice
• Mr. Paco
• Old Fashioned Love Song
• Redshift
• Stranger Than Fiction
• Valentino

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