It is the intent of the program to encourage members to become active by volunteering at various activities and events sponsored or sanctioned by MCTA throughout the year.  We would not be able to provide quality horse trials, clinics, and activities without the assistance of our amazing and dedicated volunteers and acknowledge that reward and recognition of these services are critical to the retention of volunteers in the organization.

MCTA Bucks

MCTA has brought back and revamped the “MCTA Bucks” to members who volunteer at MCTA organized functions.  MCTA bucks can be exchanged for discounts on entry fees to our events, cross country schooling, clinics held throughout the year, activities, and the banquet. They cannot be used for membership dues or to purchase items. Certificates are issued in two denominations: $10 for half-day (4 hours) of volunteering and $25 for a full day (8 hours) of volunteering.  Each HT and Clinic Organizer will manage MCTA Bucks for their activity. MCTA Bucks Certificates can be combined. However, no residual value will be re-issued. For example: should someone turn in four – $25 certificates for an $85 entry fee; the residual $15 is not refunded.  Legally, the certificate has no cash value and therefore cannot be traded for actual cash.

Fun Stuff

When you volunteer at our events, you get lunch and snacks, and of course the aforementioned MCTA bucks.

 Volunteer Awards and Recognition

MCTA recognizes our most faithful volunteers with accolades and Volunteer of the Year awards at our Year End Awards Banquet. It’s a wonderful opportunity to feel great about giving to your community and feeling great about yourself.

Okay, so you are saying to yourself… ‘Hey, I have more time before a horse trial and I want to know what kinds of jobs I can choose from.’ Keep in mind that first come, is first served, so just click on the highlighted links to read more about each job:

EVENTS (can happen year-round)

  1. Clinics
  2. Schoolings and Combined Tests (CT)
  3. Round Tables
  4. Expo
  5. Maintain Cross-Country (XC) Obstacles


  1. Organizer Checklist
  2. Secretary
  3. TD (Technical Delegate)
  4. Advertising Chairman (Sell ads to put into the program to help cover the cost of the Program)
  5. Building Stadium Jumps
  6. Painting Stadium Jumps
  7. Building XC Obstacles
  8. Grounds Maintenance (Trim bushes, move felled trees, rake, re-seed, remove rocks etc.)
  9. Make Signage
  10. Chief XC Steward
  11. Chief Fence Judge (Jump Judge Coordinator)
  12. Dressage Steward
  13. Stadium Steward
  14. Award Solicitation (Visit Tack shops and other businesses and ask for donations that can be used for awards)
  15. Public Relations Chairman (Create flyers, omnibus listing and ads; distribute flyers)
  16. Program Chairman (Create Program coordinating with Secretary and Advertising Chairman)
  17. Order and Manage Ribbons, Medals, Trophies


  1. Grounds Steward (Develop site plans, help each Steward determine what equipment, supplies and utilities they will need; arrange for porta-johns, garbage and manure removal; on the day monitor supplies (porta-johns, support parking; post event retrieve signage, store supplies, update inventory lists, remove garbage.)
  2. Hospitality Chairman (Menu, care and feeding of officials’ morning & afternoons coffee breaks, and lunch. Make sure water is available for competitors and spectators.)
  3. Ground Jury
  4. Safety Steward:
    1. Crisis Plan and Communications for Event Officials
    2.   USEF Accident/Injury Report Form
    3.   USEA Safety Coordinator Manual
    4.   USEA Serious Incident Report
    5.   Safety Coordinator Job Summary
  5. Stabling Steward (Determine number of stalls readily available; shop for best price on bedding, arrange for manure and garbage disposal, repair stall as needed, plan where people will be stabled and provide info to Secretary, make map directing people to the stables for Secretary to include in packets, post stall maps, make stall cards and post on assigned stalls. Ensure stalls are left clean.)
  6. Set up Dressage Rings
  7. Decorate Dressage Area
  8. Set up Stadium Course
  9. Decorate Stadium Jumps
  10. Decorate XC Obstacles
  11. Set up Tents, Tables, Chairs
  12. Stadium Course Designer
  13. Scorers (Be familiar with rules, derive performance accounts for Riders & Horses in levels, divisions, sorting to determine award-winners, produce timely and accurate results.)
  14. Scoring Scribe (Posts results (notating time) and notifies Communications Steward that scores are posted)
  15. Grounds Maintenance (Trim bushes, move felled trees, rake, add footing materials, etc.)


  1. EMT
  2. Veterinarian
  3. Farrier
  4. Communications Steward (Announcer)
  5. Parking Chairman (Ensures trailers park in the proper fields and in a space-conscious, yet safe manner, distributes competitor packets; notifies Secretary which packets not picked up.)
  6. Trash Pickup
  7. Dressage Judge
  8. Dressage Scribe
  9. Dressage Ring Steward
  10. Dressage Bit-check
  11. Dressage Gatekeeper
  12. Dressage Runner (Takes score sheets to Scoring)
  13. Stadium Judge
  14. Stadium Scribe
  15. Stadium Ring Steward
  16. Stadium Jump Crew
  17. Stadium Gatekeeper
  18. Stadium Warm-up Steward
  19. Chief Stadium Timer
  20. Stadium Timers
  21. Stadium Fence Repair Crew
  22. Stadium Dismantling Crew
  23. Stadium Collecting Steward (Bridle number Collector)
  24. Stadium Runner (Takes score sheets to Scoring)
  25. Chief XC Timer
  26. XC Timers
  27. XC Scribe
  28. XC Starter
  29. XC Assistant Timer(s)
  30. XC False Starter
  31. XC Obstacle Repair Crew
  32. XC Warm-up Steward
  33. XC Area Safety Coordinator (Establishes and coordinates medical services including transportation of injured riders.)
  34. XC Area Safety Stewards
  35. XC Chief Fence Judge
  37. XC Couriers (Outriders)
  38. XC Collection Steward (Collects pinnys at the finish line)
  39. Awards Chairman (Assists Secretary by handing out ribbons, prizes and trophies)


  1. Take Down Tents, Tables, Chairs
  2. Take Down Dressage Arenas
  3. (including warm-up)
  4. Take Down Stadium Jumps (including warm-up)
  5. Take Down XC Warm-up
  6. Put Away Dressage Arenas
  7. Put Away Stadium Jumps
  8. Put Away XC Warm-up Jumps
  9. Put Away Tents, Tables and Chairs
  10. Clean up trash and remove
  11. Stabling manure and garbage is removed
  12. Signage is taken down
  13. Signage is stored
  14. Tools are cleaned, maintained and stored
  15. Flags and Fence Numbers are taken down and stored
  16. Secretary’s area is swept, trash removed and furniture is put in order
  17. Grounds Repair (Re-seed, rake, fill in stake holes, etc. )

Instructions for volunteers that would like to sign up for a future event:

  1. Go to www.EventingVolunteers.com
  2. Click on “I’m a Volunteer”
  3. Create a new account
  4. Click on the confirmation link sent by eMail
  5. Return to www.EventingVolunteers.com
  6. Click on “I’m a volunteer”
  7. Log in with your credentials
  8. Fill out the “New Volunteer Form”
  9. Once complete, you will be redirected to the Volunteer Dashboard
  10. Click on the open event that you would like to sign up for

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